We provide direct care in the processes
of import / export.

We handle all the integrated logistics processes, from origin to destination, so the customer only has to worry about placing the order, while we take care of all other processes that are involved in the operation, such as customs clearance, transportation, permits , authorizations and so on.

detailed listing
of imports and exports
of products
of import and export budgets

We are a tax representation with  the authorities.

We take a comprehensive manner throughout the buying process and nationalization of your products with care and coordination from door to door from their origin abroad, to the destination in Mexico.

Prepare budgets, estimated costs and expenses that are generated during  an import or export.

This is a quotation that is delivered to the customer so you can visualize the total spending that will occur to operate and you can know what will be the management of cash flow. Our results are based on and checked against actual results of operations, so that information provided to our customers is very accurate.

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We provide support analysis based on the review prior to planning the logistics of imports
and exports.

logistics consultancy

We provide support and requests for information requirements notified by tax and customs authorities, procedures for refund of amounts unduly paid.

We make the paperwork for getting the authorization with customs authorities,  statutory audits of foreign trade and means of defense against acts of customs authorities.

legal-tax consultancy
customs consultancy

We handle issues about certified for Foreign Trade Procedures with the Ministry of Economy, SAGARPA and SEMARNAT

paperwork for getting certificates

We get the insurance contract on Import and Export shipments, which can be covered door to door.

We do analysis of balance point for foreign trade, according to specific characteristics of each business and determination of percentage of expenditure under different situations and different negotiations (INCOTERMS).

shipping insurance
cost studies
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