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What is the approximate time for me to have the goods in my hands?

How you can help me with an import?

Our professional staff can assist customers from the moment in which the customer prepares a purchase order, by doing all the communication and coordination until the goods arrive in the customer's hands. This involves negotiating with suppliers, monitoring the entire import process, constant communication with the client and analysis of best logistical alternatives. This client no longer has to worry about keeping up with their foreign suppliers and the Intercorp staff is left with the responsibility to monitor compliance with all foreign suppliers and keep the client informed of shipments. The clients work is tremendously simplified and you only have to communicate and give instructions to a single person on Intercorp for either 1 or 20 shipments. It is recommended that you contact with the staff in Intercop, before the final negotiations with your supplier, so that we can help with technical assistance or questions that you have so that negotiations can be as favorable as possible to
your interests.

You can help me to import goods from anywhere in the world?

Which are the destinations can help me export to?

If I am a small contributor, can i import?

If I am a small contributor or intermediate regime can I export?

What requirements must I meet to export?

Merchandise was returned to me due to labeling problems, what should I do?

To import samples, should I do?