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What is the approximate time for me to have the goods in my hands?

The main factor to consider when calculating how many days it takes to get goods into the hands of a client
is the mode of transport. Other factors to consider are the source and destination of the goods and the city within Mexico to which the goods will be imported or exported. Approximate time is based on the combination of all these factors. Times may have great variation. For example, a machine accessory that is sent by air from Los Angeles CA USA to the city of Guadalajara, the customer can get their hands on 48 hours after delivery of the supplier. But a multi-ton machine, which comes by sea from Russia, could reach the hands of the client within 40 days.

Part of the personalized advice we give to customers is more accurately report actual time that you the customer will have the goods in your hands, depending on the features of shipment and the best cost- benefit combination for our clients.

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